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Latest on russell moore on SBC Hot Seat

Postby Stephen Fox » Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:40 am

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Re: Latest on russell moore on SBC Hot Seat

Postby Sandy » Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:35 am

The mission and purpose of the ERLC does not require support for a partisan president. In fact, it has nothing to do with Presidential politics at all. It deals with religious liberty issues. It doesn't matter who its executive director supports and in fact, it should be politically neutral when it comes to partisan politics. The executive director's personal perspective about the President has nothing to do with the work that the ERLC does.

If churches have tied their Cooperative Program contribution to their animosity toward Russell Moore's opinion of Donald Trump then they are not very committed, or they've completely missed the point. I suggest they take their crosses down and put up portraits of the man with the orange hair that they worship, change from calling themselves a church to a political action committee and go ahead and just get out. If what William has reported here about the CP is accurate, there's no evidence anywhere in the receipts that the ERLC is causing it any problems with contributions. There are a lot more reasons that state conventions are seeing declining CP revenue than concerns about the ERLC. Those dollar amounts were declining long before Moore went to the ERLC, mainly because attendance, membership and giving to the local churches are all declining.

But this move by the EC is a very typical example of the backward, provincial way Southern Baptists do things. Someone on the Exec Committee has decided to use the power and influence he has to bring down someone he doesn't like. In spite of the fact that the convention has very clearly and deliberately taken actions on more than one occasion to affirm Moore's leadership at the ERLC, including overwhelmingly favorable floor votes, some big shot decides he's going to change the narrative and get his way regardless of what the majority has decided.

Southern Baptist leaders who walk behind Trump with tissues and toilet paper have also apparently picked up some of his ethics. A big lie about support from George Soros got dropped into the mix and spread around. It looks like the coziness with the orange headed buffoon has made lying through your teeth perfectly acceptable in the SBC. Scratch the ninth commandment from your inerrant and infallible Bible.

There's a difference now compared to what might have happened five years ago over something like this. People are standing up and calling this out, including a woman, and a retired Georgia pastor known to the members of this board. ... faceplant/ ... overreach/ ... an-codone/ ... rutinized/

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