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Setback in SBC attempts to resolve its abuse crisis

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 8:10 am
by Sandy ... ll-l-meek/

The culture that allowed for the abuse scandal to become a long term issue in the SBC is at least in part fed by the view of women that Southern Baptists claim to be Biblical. Somewhere, respect gets peeled away in concepts of things like "wifely submission" and "women should keep silent in the churches" and the consequences from that are never good, especially if someone twists it into justification for abuse. There seems to be a platform which may subtly reinforce that perspective.

A college professor at Louisiana College, the state-convention related Baptist school in Louisiana that has a tendency to make similar kinds of headlines, stepped out of his position after being threatened by the college president's use of the analogy of "Haman's gallows" after he followed the school's written procedure for addressing grievances. This whole issue and the way it was handled is a good example of the problems Southern Baptists are having in getting hold of and stopping this abuse scandal.