Is the SBC back on the "Slippery Slope to Liberalism"?

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Is the SBC back on the "Slippery Slope to Liberalism"?

Postby Sandy » Mon May 13, 2019 2:59 pm ... Nm7AdNKii5

Apparently so, by none other than current SBC President J.D. Greear and Beth Moore.

During its most recent revision of the BFM, the SBC interpreted a passage of scripture in a specific way in noting that women could not, according to their interpretation, serve as the pastor of a church under their specific view of Paul's words about being silent in the churches. They did not go so far as say that women could not preach, nor that they could not teach in a setting where men were present. But that seems to be the way some hardliners in the denomination want to go now. This is one of those things that the denomination isn't going to resolve. Churches can be spiritually discerning without having to consult with the denominational headquarters or one of its seminary professors to determine what it should do.

I think the opinions of most of the regulars here on this issue are already well known. Personally, I see this as a secondary or even tertiary doctrinal issue, not an essential, even for ministry and missions cooperation. It's up to a local church to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit with regard to how it puts spiritual gifts of its members to work. There is plenty of real evidence, demonstration of the blessing of God on churches and ministries where discipleship that includes a number of gifted women teaching and providing instruction is happening scripturally to counter the most extreme complimentarian position. This is one of those things, along with spiritual gifts, that belong to a local church and not to a denomination. I can make a case from scripture pretty quickly that denominations are not given any authority in scripture.

Re: Is the SBC back on the "Slippery Slope to Liberalism"?

Postby Tim Bonney » Mon May 13, 2019 3:59 pm

Not having been in the SBC in better than 25 years, the whole argument seems bizarre. Some of the best pastors and preachers I know are women. 25% of the UM pastors in Iowa are women as is our Bishop. It not only isn't an issue, we'd be up a creek without our women pastors.

I hate to think of the talented and gifted Baptist women that the SBC has missed out on.
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