AC Barrett unfit for SCOTUS on Church State Grounds

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AC Barrett unfit for SCOTUS on Church State Grounds

Postby Stephen Fox » Sun Sep 27, 2020 4:18 pm

I have expressed that as strongly as I can on a blog I posted Saturday. Check it out on my blog site.

I am hoping Notre Dame's Mark Noll will be called to the Senate to testify as a colleague and expert of Evangelical Religion in America. I hope he will say George W. Truett were he alive today would be against her,not as the Anti Catholic Demagogue WA Criswell was in the 60s and who JFK corrected in his address to Baptist pastors in Houston, but because she is not in the best tradition of church state separation. As recently as 2017 she woulda never been considered for the court cause she never never coulda come close to 60 votes.

Chic Fil A's Truett Cathy, named for George has to no that in Heaven. I am trying to get to his son Dan who was in my religion class at Furman, here on the Earth.

Read this carefully. Fascinating ...
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