Museum to honor Scottsboro Boys founder passes

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Museum to honor Scottsboro Boys founder passes

Postby Stephen Fox » Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:17 am ... Obituaries

Charles Marsh of UVA reports in his bio of Dietrich Bonhoeffer that Bonhoeffer passed within 20 miles of this injustice when he traveled through Northeast Alabama on old HWY 11 right in front of my Mother's home in early June 1931. Momma was to turn eight the next month.

NBA and Gastonia NC native James Worthy's great nephew, Cordell Worthy, is now a junior at Scottsboro HS on the basketball team. James Worthy's brother's grandson. I knew Cordell last couple years in Collinsville before he matriculated.

More to follow on this matter as it implicates the soul of Tommy Tuberville, US Senator who shares the political disposition of this part of the state and Appalachia with DJ Trump.
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