Dabo and Jeff Duncan, Is Clemson congressman closet ProudBoy

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Dabo and Jeff Duncan, Is Clemson congressman closet ProudBoy

Postby Stephen Fox » Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:21 am

Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney last night on Upstate SC said he's conservative, from Alabama with a smile. Dabo did participate in the June 13 BLM march at Clemson with Trevor Lawrence and Darrien Rencher of Anderson SC, hometown of Chadwick Boseman. Dabo said he does not endorse uniform change for Clemson tigers to promote BLM phrases, but is proud of his players who have a conscience on this matter.

His Congressman Jeff Duncan who apparently has the majority support of Clemson Trustees, is a founding member of 2nd Amendment caucus and as such marinated in the Dark Money politics of the NRA. Strong case can be made without NRA lobbyist Marian Hammer, there woulda never been a Stand Your Ground Law in Florida and unlikey the Trayvon Martin case.

Lee Atwater said in his NWord 3x memo spotlighted in Stuart Stevens It was all a Lie And in Wuthnow's Rough Country, gun politics and Abortion politics were the issues of choice to replace race baiting, and now Lindsey Graham who was raised in Clemson's back door is greasing the nomination of Strong Gun ruling A Coney B through the Supreme Court.

Whether Lawrence and Rencher are wise to all this, or the Clemson Trustees who 200 years after the fact saw the light on John C Calhoun can in a few days see the light on Jeff Duncan and Lindsey Graham is in play.

Nearby Greenville has a Racial Equity committee loaded with Furman people. Marshall Frady were he with us would be on the front page of the NY Times and Wash Post I have to believe. Whether the Greenville News or its famed Country Club Republicans of Christ Church Episcopal and other lairs are up to this moment is yet to be seen. They may just be pearl clutching waiting on the ghost of Rebecca West to come to town.

Dabo never claimed to be a theologian though he is devout evangelical in the sophomoric New Springs Church. It appears Nick Saban at St Francis Catholic in Tuscaloosa has a deeper reservoir of Thought to Draw from
There is a host of CBF, even Alliance Talent in Upstate SC even Clemson. Whether they rise to this occasion to make a definitive statement about all this is a challenge and a Test
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